Computer Repair Miami

Computer Repair Miami

avatar “This professional and well organized Computer Repair Mia went really beyond the call of duty! More than met my expectations regarding my need to upgrade my Mac laptop hard drive. I was having problems opening several of my programs due to a Leopard update I had downloaded so I call Computer repair mia and he was helpful, patient and took his time to find out what the internal issues were. He, is a knowledgeable tech, called me several times over the next few days to get more detailed information on my recent computer problems and to update me on his progress. He doubled the RAM and worked out the kinks in the programs, all for a very good price. I highly recommend “Computer Repair Mia” for all your Mac needs.?”.

Ashlee, U.

avatar “I have used Computer Repair Miami services for several of my computers and so have a couple of my friends. Abe is very knowledgeable with computers and I feel very comfortable with him in my home. I do not live in Miami, however. I live in Hollywood and he is mobile and does not charge drive time. I really want to make that clear. He is mobile and very flexible with my schedule. He has been here at my house working on my laptop at 8 pm. I highly recommend computerrepairmia and am a repeat customer!”

Bob, T.

avatar “Best Buy Geek Squad screwed up my Macbook. I call Computer Repair Mia, and thank you. Atleast, you told me the truth and saved me $300″

Maria, D.

Computer Repair Mia

avatar “I took my imac in for warranty service. It turned out to be a video card problem, which they did replace. However, the imac was not put back together properly and therefore just stopped working. When I took it it, they said it was the logic board which would cost $800!!!! I I call Computer Repair Mia and it was up and running the next day. He told me it was never reassembled properly! I will never go back there.”

Erick, B.

avatar “As good as it gets” is right!