Computer Repair Mia

Computer Repair Mia

avatar I called computer repair Mia when my Desktop stopped working, and they came out quickly diagnosed the problem, ordered the parts and got it installed right the first time. I thought it was going to cost me hundreds of dollars, but they were much more reasonable than I was expecting.”

Ryan, M.

avatar “WOW, What service!! Most Friendly Computer people in town: I went to 2 other computer competitors and finally found Computer Repair Mia to be honest, friendly, and inexpensive.”

Elisa, Z.

avatar “I am happy that I decided to take my computer into get fixed. I had taken it somewhere else and they said they couldn’t fix it; to send it back to the company. That sounded like a real hassle. Was ready to give up on it except for my pictures stuck inside.But now thanks to Computer repair mia, I have the computer and the pictures. Thanks.

Victor, U.

Computer Repair Mia

avatar “Problem was solved in a timely manner for a very affordable price. Service was absolutely perfect. Highly recommended to anyone with a PC problem in the Miami area. My total was less than 1/2 of what “Geek Squad” estimated.”

Omar, G.

avatar “When my five year old Computer would not turn on power supply. I called Computer Repair Mia. I live in South Miami, this was one of my better ideas. Not only did Abe replace the power supply unit in one day. But he also cleaned out five years of dust that had built up inside the case. Plus he wrote down a few things that I could do to make it bootup much faster.