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PC Hardware components used for Input and Output.

In this section, we cover the major hardware components of a microcomputer system used for input, output, processing, storage, electrical supply, and communication. Computer repair miami knows that most input and output devices are outside the computer case. Most processing and storage components are contained inside the case. The most important component in the case […]

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Laptop Touch Pad and Mouse Replacement. article about touch pads, pointer, or mouse for your laptop. Most laptops come with a built in pointing device yes there are some that don’t but that is not our concern they are fairly old. Your computer may have two of the three, a touch pad, a pointer some people call them erasers they […]

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Time to Replace your Laptop DVD Drive.

Computer repair Miami Article About Laptop CD drives and dvd drives how to… Laptop CD drives and dvd drives are no different than their counterpart drives in a desktop. Because of the need to save space in the laptop they are thinner but retain the same functionality of the desktop version. I am not saying […]

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Straightforward Ways to Repair your Slow Computer.

Computers are like components of autos; they need continuous upkeep and proper care to operate smoothly. With every day passing we come across our Computer becoming slow to slower. But never give up. You don’t have to replace your old buddy having a new a single. Just stick to our methods and restore your Pc […]

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